There are many types of trees in the world, and all of them have a distinct character to them.

Some trees characterize strength.

057-11 Majesté (orme) 23x21 $595.

Some trees speak about perseverance in difficulty.

195-12 Millénaire 18x16 $595.

Still other trees seem to be dancing to their own rhythm.

027-12 L'arbre de la reconnaissance 17x18 $695.

There are trees that are stuck in a storm – but remain anchored, without giving up;211-12 Hawaii 12x7 $195.

and others that grow straight and tall – faithful and true.

093-12 Mélèze 17x12 $595.

Some trees characterize wisdom,

169-12 Au bord de la falaise 12x11 $495.

and some display a magestic melancholy.

006-12 Je suis saule 22x20 $595.

Some are rugged

107-12 La Camargue 17x16 $595.

and some trees like to play.

035-13 La cascade 13x13 $200.

Some trees have seen a lot in life,078-12 Passe le temps 11x13 $395 (2)

and some are still looking.

125-10 Baobab 28x23


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Our life history develops a taste that is as unique as the trees we see every day.

013-12 Galerno 9x11 $195. 092-12 Maturité 21x18 $895. 050-12 Magnolia(1) 16x16 $695 001 041-12 Baskatong 15x14 $495. 025-12 Sleepy Hollow 12x14
At L’homme qui fait les arbres we are trying to understand trees and follow their curves and style in creating beauty for all walks of life.

Here you have found not only unique art, but also the inspiration to look at trees in a new way.  Our artwork can give you a voice to express the style of life you find yourself living.

Enjoy our trees.