Titre : LABEUR

Description: A 5 foot apple tree, copper Arbres de grandes taillesOur forefathers cleared the land at the sweat of their brow.

Day after day, they took out the rocks from the fields so that the fertile ground would be ready to receive the young apple tree saplings that make our wonderful orchards.

This work, a 5 foot apple tree which now adorns the Clinique Dentaire Gilles Leblanc of St. Jovite, speaks of the labour of the first pioneers cultivating a land of abundance.

This apple tree, more realistic than nature, is a tribute to the hard work that gave us all the orchards, part of our inheritance.

Titre : De la cime aux racines

Description: A 9 foot copper and rock apple tree.The Manoir Fraser museum in Rivîère-du-Loup exibits this work outdoors, a 9 foot apple tree.

Titre : Pommier Sacré-Cœur

Description : A 10 foot apple tree, copper
This 10 foot apple tree made of copper was ordered especially for the Sacré-Coeur de St. Bruno de Montarville boarding school located in the Montérégie. It will be used to show the names of all the graduate students, engraved on small copper leaves to be hung in the tree.